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dangerous liasons
I have fallen in love with the world
And I am aware that I have chosen
the most dangerous lover of them all.

I kiss the bare feet of the forenoon
undress the shadows all along the wall
and on non sunny days
                      I copulate with clouds.
I should be more prudent. The sun stings,
wilts, goes away. Clouds pass over
                                and are gone.

On evenings long and languid, I am long
and languid too, stretching out toward
the North Star, shimmering but unmoved.

There is bird song in the mornings. I
imagine, no I know, it is meant for only me.
Little sparrow, serenade me. Sing sweetly
lover, cover me.

Once I thought I'd charmed the breeze,
trees laughed at me. Foolish suitor of
the world you might have been less
                ambitious in your quest.
But love is love and I will do my very best
to please the lady.

Smokestacks also, not just nature, put
their wide black arms around my middle,
hold me, haunt me, want me to embrace
the fatal feted air they bellow, belch..

No help comes as I tramp on, enchanted
by the cities marble mansions, beguiled
by suburb shacks and their surroundings.
Sounds I hear are my beloved world's sighs.

Fouled faded factories too, eye in awe this
hapless lover, doomed to dream of world
embraces as he chases down the hill and
highways worn by other lovers who may
have missed the world's soft kisses.

I who chased the rainbows once have
been seen erasing phrases I punched out
and sent seaward in brown bottles with
               no destination preannounced.

A piece of ocean is not quite enough,
Some land lubber, even one who loves
me, cannot satisfy the yearning I have
learned from years of searching faces
when it was the world & all it's places
I was loving without knowing.
Copyright 1998 by Rod McKuen & Stanyan Music Group. All rights
reserved and no part may be reproduced in any form without written
permission of owners.
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