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All these years
of being brothers,
being friends and partners.
Living through the ups and downs
and in-betweens.
Trusting tomorrow as much as today.
Finding our way through labyrinths
no minotaur ever had to thread.
Knowing whatever Ariadne
waited up ahead would be worth
        the thicket tread.

All those times remembered.
                          good times mostly,
when we faced dragons never flinching
                          and won in every battle.
Our basic training being honesty
                                 to one the other.

Spring is late this year, but you still
seem the same as you have always been
in all those Aprils that arrived on time.

Happy birthday little brother, big partner,
                                          enormous Friend.
All these miles and miles together and no end
in sight. May you live forever and may I be
the last to raise a glass in your direction
                                       bidding you Bon Nuit.        
Copyright 1999 by Rod McKuen & Stanyan Music Group. All rights
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