previously unpublished poems...
      age is better
     for edward april 27 1999
            in  praise of morning
            I always knew
            dangerous liasons
               Gods were going by
                      meditations on Jenny kissed
a nocturne for hermes
self pity
a seranade in g major
where will i rediscover you
another one in a row
rehearsal for a sonnet on your body
so much of spring
   a message from the bunker
The muse of Unimportant men
jho john visits chat room 9
The Winter of Eighty-Eight
The Same Country  (While listening to Andre Previn)
waldos way
apres vous
from a roman journal
Rod's new book, "A Safe Place to Land", has now been published and can be ordered online via the Stanyan House web site. The book comes with a double CD containing readings from the book with a full orchestral background score.
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