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a note from Rod, about 'ask Rod'
I was warned. People on the Internet are used to immediate responses, friends told me. They were right.
Have had a few letters in the last two weeks. Make that a few hundred. So your questions about Old English Sheep Dogs, The Sea/Earth/Sky trilogy, odd Jobs, sex Life, current animals that own me, diet, where old books can be found, how to grow the perfect tomato & make the perfect martini, Finding My Father, What I was doing on a barge in Burgundy last summer with Phyllis Diller, whether or not you can use my poems on your web sites without my calling the cops, will I accept an offer to do a reading in Alabama or a concert in Holland or your home town, whether or not I continue to defend President Clinton and why, how difficult it is for me to watch TV any more- now that I have a web site, what I think of critics who don't think much of me, where I'm going and where I've really been, advice to poets, how the hell did all this happen in the first place and a lot more is being addressed and will be answered. I promise. Meanwhile check out Ken Blackie's interview with me which is about to be posted. It was tough - and I hope uncompromising, especially since I haven't done any kind of interview in a long time, but I think it answers a lot of the most frequently asked questions.

I'm excited about ASPTL as a web site & take all your letters/e-mail/whatever I should call them, seriously. Ask on, but be patient. It's 2:10 Am in California [one of my favorite times, other than 6:18] & I'm enjoying a scotch and lots & lots of letters. THANK YOU for the acceptance of this site & being patient, I'll try not to let you down and once I get into this, be a little more speedy answering your mail. Meanwhile the best source I have for what's going on in my life, criticism, bitches, brickbats, boosterism & belches that make me say "oh no" or "oh yes" is tara's RM Message Board. Ice Wine makes me happy with her selection of my "stuff", Eric's "Listening To The Warm" is especially informing and especially to me, crazy about KLOVIS . . .and, well, I leave out as many as I like but will get around to them later. Hope you'll visit these sites & all the others that made this one possible. I'm slow about letters, but I'm steady. AS Andre & Dory Previn put it, "You're Gonna Hear From Me."

Love, and that's for sure, Rod

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