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Over the past few years a small band of avid fans have done an outstanding job of providing Web visitors with information about Rod McKuen. Their task was made all the more difficult due to the shortage of material available in the public domain.

We salute the hard work and dedication of tara, Janice Morrow (IceWine), Jay Hagan, Johan Grobbelaar and others in collecting and checking information, maintaining home pages featuring McKuen material, hosting message boards to facilitate discussion between fans and generally helping to keep the McKuen flag flying high. Motivation for their efforts was a genuine love of Rod, both the man and the artist, and they should understand that their input was the primary inspiration for this project.

This site is in no way meant to replace or detract from those already in existence - it's intended to be complementary. It's a vehicle for publishing new material, interviews, biographical details and other information not generally available, as well as providing a means of posing your questions to Rod and being able to read his replies on-line.

Please visit the sites listed below (we'll add more as we go along) - you'll find information way beyond anything we've been able to gather in the short time we've had available to us since this site was first conceived. In particular check out tara's Rod McKuen Message Center - it's a great way of swapping stories and memories with other fans and learning more about McKuen, the man. Thanks, tara!

"A Safe Place to Land" - Africa Site

"A Safe Place To Land" - USA Site

Rod McKuen Message Board

Stanyan House

Rod McKuen Chat Room

List of McKuen Collectables

IceWine - The Poetry of Rod McKuen

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