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A Thought for Today

We count our blessings only when they stop coming.



You’ll have a photograph
            a chef’s hat
and a yellow suit
of your own choosing,
even if we have to
pay for them on time.
A canopy above the bed
that I can chin on.
A headboard
you can prop your head against

You can write and polish words
while I sit quietly
           in some dark corner

I’ll teach you music
slowly and without pain
and you can show me
how to make Quiche Lorraine.

I’ve never been up Beacon Hill,
         you can take me there.
Later in the summer
we’ll go to that beach
in Provincetown.
You can show me
where you started
writing out your poem.

Don’t you see
I’ve got it all worked out
we’ll follow every sun
          there is to follow.
We’ll be equal in all things
you’ll give me youth and you
I’ll give you more of me
        than I yet know.
Each other we will give
           each other’s other.

I’ll lose weight, you’ll see.
Before we leave for California
                  Paris or wherever
we’ll get it all together.

I never sleep so well
as when I’m sleeping
                       next to you
or talk so much
as when I’m talking
          at your ear.
My hand
while touching
just your back
has touched the sky
as sure as God has groped
                         the stars.

Ask my name
and it’s now yours.
Demand my purpose
and you know it’s you.
My needs are only
those wants you want.
And when I sleep this night
               or any after this,
though you be miles gone,
my head still rests
against your belly,
                 moving down.
Or at your back
against your shoulders
moving not at all.

- from the 3rd Edition of "Moment To Moment," 1974

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Monday 19 June

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Tuesday 20 June

Danny Aiello o Chet Atkins o Errol Flynn o John Goodman o Lillian Hellman o Nicole Kidman o Martin Landau o Cyndi Lauper o Audie Murphy o Anne Murray o Gail Patrick o Rossana Podesta o Andrew Praschak o Lionel Ritchie o Pancho Segura o Tina Sinatra o Bob Villa o Andre Watts o Brian Wilson

Wednesday 21 June

Meredith Baxter o Ray Davies o Olympia Dukakus o Ron Ely o Mack Gordon o Michael Gross o Mariette Hartley o Al Hirschfeld o Judy Holliday o Bernie Kopell o Juliette Lewis o Mary Livingston o Mary McCarthy o Monte Markham o Mary McCarthy o Jacques Offenbach o Jane Russell o Francoise Sagan o Jean-Paul Sartre o Lalo Schifrin o O.C. Smith o Maureen Stapleton o Carl Stokes o Martha Washington o Prince William

Thursday June 22

Bill Blass o Ed Bradley o Bruce Campbell o Gower Champion o Carson Daly o John Dillinger o Roy Drusky o Katherine Dunham o Dianne Feinstein o Sir Henry Rider Haggard o Kris Kristofferson o Cindy Lauper o Anne Morrow Lindbergh o Mary Livingstone o Joseph Papp o Sir Peter Pears o Freddie Prinze o Erich Maria Remarque o Todd Rundgren o Meryl Streep o Eric Stretch o Michael Todd o Lindsay Wagner o Ralph Waite o Kurt Warner o Billy Wilder

Friday June 23

Jean Anouilh o Larry Blyden o Bryan Brown o June Carter Cash o Bert Convy o Edward VIII, King of England o Adam Faith o Bob Fosse o Johannes Gutenberg o Mieczyslaw Horszowsky o Ted Hunyadi o Empress Josephine o James Levine o Alfred Kinsey o Frances McDormand o Nigel Osborne o Wilma Rudolph o Ted Schackelford o Diana Trask o Alan Turing o Duke of Windsor o Billie Worth o Irene Worth

Saturday June 24

Jeff Beck o Henry Ward Beecher o Ambrose Bierce o George Stanford Brown o Jack Carter o Billy Casper o John Ciardi o Norman Cousins o Jack Dempsey o Mick Fleetwood o Chief Dan George o Jack Goodwin o Pete Hamill o Phil Harris o Michele Lee o Jim Paulson o Joe Penny o Terry Riley o David Rose o Sherry Stringfield o Peter Weller

Sunday June 25

George Abbott o Ron Bryant o Clifton Chenier o Phyllis George o Charlotte Greenwood o Peter Lind Hayes o Michael Lembeck o June Lockhart o Sidney Lumet o Roy Marsden o George Michael o George Orwell o Anne Revere o Milton Shapp o Carly Simon o Brenda Sykes o Scott Terra o Arthur Tracy o Jimmie "J.J." Walker

Rod's random thoughts
Of all the varied species, only human beings refuse to live totally in the present.

The smart tree bends with the wind.

Had I invented love, I would have vaccinated the whole world.


This is the good new summertime
the old heart understands.
It’s not just sand, sun on a cliff
but that long riff from bridge
to melody and back.
It is the lack of any need
to punch the time clock, organize,
do anything but socialize
                             with sunshine.

We run the beachfront,
               forth and back.
Tumble, stumble and get lost.
Lose ourselves at any cost.
Pick up, save shells until hind pockets
are the only empty places.

The summer comes around
                each year
to give us one long run.

-from “Rod McKuen’s 1984 Book of Days,” 1983


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