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A Thought for Today

We ought to dine with angels every day.



I admit that I am shy.
More so with those faces
and those forms
that I start to love
with but one look only.

Back in the room
we had no liquor
              and no radio
no aphrodisiac but need.
Oh, I needed you. I did, I do.
your bushy head
and your round eyes,
your thighs
to wrap myself around,
your intermittent smile
and stare.
Your caring for me
then and now.

I pushed a pillow
soft beneath your head
and murmured love
from the beginning.

I knew. Don’t ask me how.
That we were starting
what could not be finished
                         in our lifetimes.

Here we are
and those tomorrows
left or owed to me,
borrowed and as yet
             unbought for you
will not be enough.
We should move
toward the heavens
or at least above the earth
                 for always.

Though I know
need is not enough
        perhaps this time
simple wanting
will transcend all this
      and everything.

- from "The Sea Around Me, " 1976, 1977

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notable birthdays

Monday 16 October

Max Bygraves o Chuck Colson o Linda Darnell o William O. Douglas o Flea o Gunter Grass o Jeremy Jackson o Bert Kaempfert o Angela Lansbury o John Loudon o Kellie Martin o Eugene O’Neill o Alice Pearce o Tim Robbins o C.P. Snow o Suzanne Somers o Morgan Stevens o Noah Webster o Oscar Wilde

Tuesday 17 October

Jean Arthur o Jimmy Breslin o Sam Bottoms o Spring Byington o Montgomery Clift o Cozy Cole o Eminem o Beverly Garland o Rita Hayworth o Marsha Hunt o Alan Jackson o Wyclef Jean o Barney Kessel o Margot Kidder o Chris Kirkpatrick o Evel Knievel o Norm MacDonald o Arthur Miller o Pope John Paul I o Tom Poston o Gary Puckett o Howard Rollins o Irene Ryan o George Wendt

Wednesday 18 October

Chuck Berry o Pam Dawber o Mike Ditka o Jesse Helms o Miriam Hopkins o Fannie Hurst o Klaus Kinski o Lotte Lenya o Wynton Marsalis o Melina Mercouri o Martina Navratilova o Laura Nyro o Anita O'Day o Lee Harvey Oswald o Waldo Salt o George C. Scott o Vincent Spano o Inger Stevens o Bobby Troup o Pierre Trudeau o Jean-Claude Van Damme o Wendy Wasserstein o Dawn Wells o Rebecca Westphall

Thursday 19 October

Jack Anderson o Robert Beatty o Amy Carter o Divine o Sean Garrison o Jean Genet o Omar Gooding o Lloyd Haynes o Jennifer Holliday o Evander Holyfield o John LeCarre o John Lithgow o Tony LoBianco o Walter Mathews o Peter Max o Lewis Mumford o George Nader o Troy Parker o Robert Reed o Jeannie C. Riley

Friday 20 October

Herschel Bernardi o Dr. Joyce Brothers o Roosevelt Brown o Art Buchwald o Barrie Chase o Robert Craft o Snoop Doggy Dogg o Margaret Dumont o Michael Dunn o Arlene Francis o (Mother) Dolores Hart o Charles Ives o Wanda Jackson o Grandpa Jones o Bela Lugosi o Mickey Mantle o Brown Meggs o Donnii Minogue o Vigo Mortensen o Anna Neagle o Fayard Nicholas o Jerry Orbach o Tom Petty o Arthur Rimbaud o Will Rogers, Jr. o Christopher Wren

Saturday 21 October

Elvin Bishop o Georgia Brown o Samuel Taylor Coleridge o Carrie Fisher o Whitey Ford o Helen Reveles Valenzuela Fujita o Dizzy Gillespie o Peter Graves o Katsushuba Hokusai o Michael Landon o Manfred Mann o Jeremy Miller o Benjamin Netanyahu o Alfred Nobel o Brian Piccolo o Joyce Randolph o Bill Russell (baseball) o Ted Shawn o Judge Judy Sheindlin o Sir George Solti o Georg Ernst Stahl o Edmund Waller

Sunday 22 October

Constance Bennett o Sarah Bernhardt o Brian Boitano o Patti Davis o Catherine Deneuve o Joan Fontaine o Annette Funicello o Jeff Goldblum o Zac Hanson o Curly Howard o Alan Ladd, Jr. o Timothy Leary o Doris Lessing o Jonathan Lipnicki o Franz Liszt o Christopher Lloyd o Dory Previn o Robert Rauschenberg o Tony Roberts o Shaggy o Leon Trotsky o N.C. Wyeth

Rod's random thoughts
Without some 'think time,' we relinquish our quest for knowledge to others and are forced to accept their opinions as our own.

See all sides of everything before making up your mind on anything.

With understanding comes both recognition and resignation.


A butterfly flies up
inside my head,
consuming all my early years
the memory of just yesterday,
other loves and lives
I might have known or knew.

He sits and eats away
within that place I’ve lived
where he now lives.

Please remember for me
all those things
that need remembering.
Let me use your head
                  as mine.

I ask that you
attempt to lead me,
to carry me aloft
bend down to scoop me up,
to ferry me across my life
as you would a child
across a too deep river.
You are the end of me,
and my new beginning.

You are my brother
and my wife.
My lover and my son.
My mother and my husband
                 my teacher
and the one I long to teach.

The woman
that I dreamed of finding
the friend who never was.

You transcend gender,
eliminate September,
add another month of Sundays
to a calendar well worn.

I will be for you
             whatever works.
I will work to make you be,
while you eliminate
the buzzing, ringing sound
that permeates my brain
                           of late.
A butterfly
and maybe more
is buzzing in my head.
If he should eat it all away
you’ve head enough for both of us.

If caterpillars crawl
down through my brain
you’ve brain enough
to see us both through
this thing that has seized me,
seized us both at once.

- from "The Sea Around Me, " 1976, 1977


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