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A Thought for Today

Even when the candle sputters, hope hides inside the flame ready to spring forward and jump out.



I'll ring up one day
and you may wonder who I am.

I too might not be quite so sure
if you’re the one who smelled like violets
          or left my shoulder tattooed with a bite
that took three weeks to go away.
Or the one who, going down the stairs,
turning back long enough to say
Don’t call me till after ten o’clock
my mother goes to bed quite early.

Those of us who think the need
and night are both the same
have so many little scraps of paper
stuffed in wallets and tucked up under books
or safely put away in dresser drawers.

Names and numbers scribbled
on the backs of business cards
or finely printed on old matchbook covers.

I never have the guts to thrown them out.
                        Do you ?

I suppose
that like a pilgrim
I keep imagining my colony of cards
can one day be called up
to form a fort against the need to walk.

I must remember from now on
to write beside their names thin shoulder blades
or this one had a mole along the left side of her stomach.
Some identifying thing
so when I go to make those calls
I’ll know just who I’m calling.

saving little scraps of paper
and knowing they’ll remain just that,
not transferred into address books
         or indexed in a file,
is a kind of mental masturbation
                        good to no one.

Not even those of us who think
the inside side of matchbook covers
         with a penciled number
is a kind of life insurance
can expect a proper settlement
when the accident
of being with our own selves only
overtakes us in an alleyway
or bedroom.

- from "In Someone’s Shadow," 1968

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Monday 20 March

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Tuesday 21 March

Johann Sebastian Bach o Matthew Broderick o Edgar Buchanan o Pat Chesley o James Coco o Timothy Dalton o Mark Hellinger o Mort Lindsey o Phyllis McGinley o Modest Mussorgsky o Rosie O'Donnell o Gary Oldman o Ayrton Senna da Silva o Kathleen Widdoes o Florenz Ziegfeld

Wednesday 22 March

George Benson o May Britt o Don Chaney o Bob Costas o Virginia Grey o Orrin Hatch o Werner Klemperer o Karl Malden o Marcel Marceau o Ross Martin o Chico Marx o J.P. McCarthy o Matthew Modine o Lena Olin o Joseph Schildkraut o William Shatner o Stephen Sondheim o Elvis Stojko o Sir Anthony Van Dyck o Andrew Lloyd Webber o Reese Witherspoon o Marvin Yagoda

Thursday 23 March

Marty Allen o Roger Bannister o Wernher Von Braun o Joan Crawford o Fanny Farmer o Erich Fromm o Ron Jaworski o Chaka Khan o Akira Kurosawa o Moses Malone o Amanda Plummer o Keri Russell o Wernher Von Braun o Doc Watson o Martha Wright

Friday 24 March

Louie Anderson o Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle o Joseph Barbera o Clyde Barrow o Richard Conte o Sharon Corr o Thomas E. Dewey o Norman Fell o Lawrence Ferlinghetti o Alyson Hannigan o Harry Houdini o Byron Janis o Dwight MacDonald o Peyton Manning o Mase o Steve McQueen o Randi McWilliams o Andrew Mellon o William Morris o Malcolm Muggeridge o Gene Nelson o Donna Pescow o Wilhelm Reich o Annabella Sciorra

Saturday 25 March

Hoyt Axton o Bela Bartok o Bonnie Bedelia o Ed Begley o Anita Bryant o Frankie Carle o Howard Cosell o Wes Fish o Aretha Franklin o Kelly Garrett o Paul Michael Glaser o Bonnie Guitar o Elton John o Nancy Kelly o David Lean o James A. Love II o Sarah Jessica Parker o Simone Signoret o Gloria Steinem o Sheryl Swoopes o Arturo Toscanini

Sunday 26 March

Marcus Allen o Alan Arkin o Pierre Boulez o James Caan o Bob (Bob & Ray) Elliott o Robert Frost o Sterling Hayden o Duncan Hines o A.E. Housman o Erica Jong o Vicki Lawrence o Strother Martin o Leonard Nimoy o Sandra Day O’Connor o Teddy Pendergrass o Diana Ross o Martin Short o Curtis Sliwa o Steven Tyler o William Westmoreland o Bob Woodward o Tennessee Williams

Rod's random thoughts
All living things speak a language children understand.

We can feel ashamed of almost anything but kindness.

We are artists not competitors, thus we should greet each other as compatriots not adversaries.


Now slowly
like a muffled drum
or the rat-a-tat of rain
the beating of your heart
goes back to steadiness.

Silence separates us
as our pulse's slow.
A rivulet and not a ditch
rolls down between us
as though the act
of making love
          has business hours
and five o'clock has finally come.

I know that love
is not red valentines
or flesh on flesh
as pre-set and appointed times
and I believe it to be more
than rhymes and rhyming,
so when I ease to sleep
                against your side
consider my now spent,
sandbag heavy body
as something heart and mind
                            let go of
as fodder for a dam
to stop the would be rivulet
                 now widening to river
from some oncoming flood.

-from "Watch for the Wind," 1983


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