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A Thought for Today

Friendship is an idea, not an invention, a pledge, not a promise, and (with any luck at all) a lifetime, not merely a season.


Sunset Colors, One

I love the sunset colors
not just in spring
but every day that God
is kind enough to share with me
His red and orange
                      and yellow,
mixed in rainbows
or solid in the stones
and trees and rooftops
of the world He gave us.

Lately I sleep late
and so I seldom see
the scarlet morning
or the gold behind the trees.
I depend a lot on sunsets
even when no sunset comes
I fill my head
        with all the sunshine past
and sunsets that I know will come.

Looking in your eyes
I see the sun come
even in the darkness.

Do you know
how much I feel for you
and in what kind of way ?
I feel the world for you
and in every kind of way.
I think sometimes that I’ll explode,
die or disappear
before I have a chance
to tell you how I feel.

Don’t let it be today.  

 - from "Watch for the Wind"

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notable birthdays

Monday 22 May

Charles Aznavour o Kenny Ball o Richard Benjamin o Naomi Campbell o Mary Cassat o Michael Constantine o Frank Converse o Judith Crist o Sir Arthur Conan Doyle o Binnie Hale o Tommy John o Quinn Martin o Morrisssey o Peter Nero o Sir Laurence Olivier o Vance Packard o Barbara Parkins o Michael Sarrazin o Susan Strasberg o Bernie Taupin o Brenda Vazquez o Richard Wagner o Paul Winfield

Tuesday May 23

Mitch Albom o Barbara Barrie o Drew Carey o Lauren Chapin o Rosemary Clooney o Joan Collins o Michael Colombier o Scatman Crothers o Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. o Betty Garrett o Marvelous' Marv Hagler o Ella & Athol Harley o Libby Holman o Jewel o Herbert Marshall o Franz Mesmer o Robert Moog o John Newcombe o Helen O'Connell o John Payne o Donna Stone Pesch o Artie Shaw o Ray Wood

Wednesday May 24

Gary Burghoff o Jane Byrne o Roseanne Cash o Tommy Chong o Sybil Danning o Joe Dumars o Bob Dylan o Billy Gilman o Patti La Belle o Jean-Paul Marat o Elsa Maxwell o Siobhan McKenna o Wilbur Mills o Lili Palmer o James Peale o Priscilla Presley o Queen Victoria of England o Kristen Scott Thomas

Thursday May 25

Claude Akins o Dixie Carter o Bennett Cerf o Steve Cochran o Jessi Colter o Jeanne Crain o Hal David o Miles Davis o John Gregory Dunne o Ralph Waldo Emerson o Marian Gauthier o Tom T. Hall o Lauryn Hill o Anne Heche o Lauryn Hill o Kitty Kallen o Robert Ludlum o Ian McKellan o Mike Myers o Ron Neesen o Frank Oz o Bill "Bojangles" Robinson o Connie Sellecca o Beverly Sills o Ginny Sims o Tito o Gene Tunney o Leslie Uggams o Tracy Ullman o Karen Valentine o John Weitz o Hank Williams, Jr.

Friday May 26

James Arness o Helena Bonham Carter o Peter Cushing o Genie Francis o Al Jolson o Lenny Kravitz o Peggy Lee o Paul Lukas o Frankie Manning o Robert Morley o Brent Musburger o Stevie Nicks o Alexander Pushkin o Sally Ride o Laurance Rockefeller o Jay Silverheels o Teresa Stratas o Norma Talmadge o Philip Michael Thomas o John Wayne o Hank Williams, Jr.

Saturday May 27

Cilla Black o Todd Bridges o Allan Carr o Rachel Carson o John Cheever o Isadora Duncan o Joseph Feinnes o Lou Gossett, Jr. o Dashiell Hammett o Wild Bill Hickock o Julia Ward Howe o Hubert Humphrey o Cynthia Karpa o Henry Kissinger o Teddy Kollek o Christopher Lee o Jeremy Mayfield o Lee Ann Meriwether o Vincent Price o Harold Rome o Sig Sakowicz o Sam Snead o Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sr. o Herman Wouk

Sunday 28 May

Patch Adams o Carroll Baker o Jesse Bradford o Jeannie Carson o Joseph Cross o Brandon Cruz o The Dionne Quintuplets o Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau o Ian Fleming o John Fogerty o Sally Forrest o Ed Gaylord o Rudolph Giuliani o Beth Howland o Gladys Knight o Sondra Locke o Kylie Minogue o Thomas Moore o Glen Rice o May Swenson o Jim Thorpe o Billy Vera o T. Bone Walker

Rod's random thoughts
If human nature followed the example of Mother Nature we’d all be better off.

The quicker you realize immortality has no plans for you the faster you can get back to work.

Don’t let anyone steal your passion. It’s yours to run with or hold in check.


As the sun has just now
bent down into the ocean,
bend down to me.
Rising up
I promise you'll not frown.

As the stars
begin appearing
move in closer
begin to pull me
                   to you
as I pull you down.

As we roll sideways
see the path of moonlight
stretching on the water
wide enough to walk on
with an army
if one of us was God.

God is here somewhere
             between us.
I can touch and feel Him
lying up against
                      your back,
one arm extended
through the roof
exchanging bulbs
in burnt-out stars.

But wait
there is no beach at all.
No moonlight on the water
no waves sing out to me.
Can this be so,
that in these hills
away from everything
         I knew before,
the only singing
               my ears hear
is your sighs,
heavy full of thunder?

One more time
and one more time again.
You are my ocean
          and my stars,
my God and all his heaven.
And life for me begins.

Beach-bar lingo
being all the same
we were left to make
whole conversations
with our eyes.

Add to this
that glances must be tentative
for none should know our business
but ourselves.

Beach-bar lingo
being all the same
we were left to make
whole conversations
                        with our eyes.
Add to this
that glances must be tentative
for none should know our business
                             but ourselves

I wonder then
that we met at all.
Perhaps the language
              of the desperate
is the strongest one yet made.

How else could you explain
an understanding without words?
A moving out the door
with no pre-arrangement?

- from "The Sea Around Me", 1976, 1977


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