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A Thought for Today

Commitment is everything and the only thing that gives us peace of mind.



Finally the time comes. Irrevocably. Never
the same way twice. And the going isn't easy.

Each tries to make the other think the blame
Belongs exclusively to him. And so it does.

I hardly even tried, I'm past the point of that.
How could I presume to finalize
what maybe never should have been..

I started in not knowing who I am. When was it,
            never mind. I dwell too much on me.

Still now we don't know one the other
and that's as good a way to end as start.
There is nothing you or I
                  or either one of us can say.
Beyond hello before goodbye there should be
a string of words or one long paragraph to make
                                    the ending easy.

I am so amazed at finding out my head
still reels under even friendly blows
that I'm determined not to let the boxer
or the battler come in close again.

Nor will I willingly go out into the evening
any more and place myself within
that enchanted circle of the hunters.
The moving staircase or the rain..

I have so little permanency and not much
time left up ahead. I ought to stay at home
behind the iron gates and rainbow glass.
                  Sure places I've constructed.

It's quiet there and best of all
the disappointments yet to come can be
lived by me in private. No one need ever know
if the wounds are fatal or if I'm waiting out
                          some healing time.

There is an emptiness and it is deep.
A wound so old that healing wouldn't work.

If I have not yet come back around
to where I started then I am only inches
from that now narrow corridor
               that will bring me there.

Relief I feel, I'll not deny it. But there's
a sorrow too as though the world was finally
slipping from me and away.

Perspective, I have none. Sorrow - there isn't any.
Plans? What plans could I have except to live here
for a time until I know it's finally time to go.

- from the second U.S. Edition of Moment To Moment, 1974

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Monday 17 July

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Tuesday 18 July

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Wednesday 19 July

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Thursday 20 July

Lola Albright o Theda Bara o Thomas Berger o Kim Carnes o Chris Cornell o Chuck Daly o Donna Dixon o Elizabeth Dole o Verna Felton o Sir Edmund Hillary o Sally Ann Howes o Jean Martin o Petrarch o Simon Rex o Elliot Richardson o Diana Rigg o Carlos Santana o Alberto Santos-Dumont o T.G. Sheppard o Ralph James Wass o Natalie Wood

Friday 21 July

Nina Blanchard o Paul Burke o Josh Hartnett o Ernest Hemingway o Edward Herrmann o Norman Jewison o Hatty Jones o Allyn Joslyn o Frances Parkinson Keyes o Don Knotts o Gene Littler o Jon Lovitz o Ken Maynard o Marshall McLuhan o C. Aubrey Smith o Kay Starr o Kenneth Starr o Isaac Stern o Cat Stevens o Kaye Stevens o Robin Williams

Saturday 22 July

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Sunday 23 July

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Rod's random thoughts
The loss of gentle men is always the hardest to endure.

Don’t go yet, there’s got to be some sea coast we’ve not seen. Hold on to me and we’ll go flying through the spring.

Love ought to be a season of sunlight with only morning clouds for contrast.


They try
to build high walls,
fences, hedges even
to lock us from each other.
I can't say why
they're so concerned
or even threatened
by the needs we have,
not known to them.

Have you noticed
that our good companions
seem bent on being masons,
trying hard to make
their own foundations -
even newer dwelling places
                      for us?

A waste of time
to tell them
that our boundaries
        are the world.
We've built buildings
brick by brick together.

I am sorry to report
to those who'd lock us up or out
that we will not ignore each other,
our jailers and our keepers, yes -
but not each other.

Let the constables
know for certain
that even if they be
our kin or brothers
the only true authority,
pistol belt and badge
we acknowledge and approve
is the one or ones
of our design.

Should we be fenced
from one another for a time
we'll live alone on short grass
till we're able to deliver
                    bales and bounties
ladles and large boxes
              of replenished love
through the bars
and up each other's
                fire escapes
and second-story windows.

- from "Coming Close To The Earth," 1978


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