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Edward & Rod: The 2002 Birthday Photograph
Photo by Bob Gentry 4/24/2002

A Thought for Today

Brotherhood is only love by yet another name.



In order to make it easier for potential buyers to play a role in ensuring Rod’s legacy is maintained, we have decided to split the offering and make the +/- 4,300 master tapes available as a separate purchase. Doing so would enable the owner to reproduce for sale any of the catalogue recordings.

Bids are welcome - please contact Charlie Hallam for more information or to submit your bid.

Charlie Hallam

(909) 844-7261


A very happy birthday to Edward who celebrates his birthday on Thursday.

On Saturday we pause to remember Rod on what would have been his 84th birthday. I “will take a drink or two” in celebration and I hope you’ll join me in doing so.

- Ken, Johannesburg, South Africa, April 24, 2017


Edward made for me not just my own private sky, but trees to frame it. Ferns to reach the wide, fat trunk of every tree, roses where no rose sought to bloom. Grassy knolls for barefoot carpet so that I might cast my eyes heavenward, undisturbed by open ground. He induced an owl to wake me, almost nightly, to be sure no sliced or open moon escapes my eyes.

Stringing out the stars he made them visible and indivisible so that I might waste no time in calling up astronomers.

I painted Edward’s porch and balcony and regularly I wash and clean his rabbit hutch.

It isn’t much - but he has everything. Still for my little brother I’m working or devising more.

He’s yet to coast through clouds on his way to nowhere. I intend to take him there.

-from Folio No.19 - Fall 1978

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notable birthdays

Monday 24 April

John Barbour o Shirley Boone o J.D. Cannon o Doug Clifford o Leslie Howard o Jill Ireland o Chipper Jones o Willem de Kooning o Jack E. Leonard o Shirley MacLaine o Barbra Streisand o Anthony Trollop o Robert Penn Warren o John Williams o Paula Yates

Tuesday 25 April

Hank Azaria o Stu Cook o Oliver Cromwell o Ella Fitzgerald o Melissa Hayden o Albert King o Meadowlark Lemon o Guglielmo Marconi o Paul Mazursky o Denny Miller o Edward R. Murrow o Al Pacino o Talia Shire o Bjorn Ulvaeus o Jacob Underwood o Renee Zellweger

Wednesday 26 April

John James Audubon o Carol Burnett o Joan Chen o Michael Damian o Duane Eddy o Rudolf Hess o Francis Lai o Jon Lee o Jet Li o C.J. Mitchell o Giorgio Moroder o I.M. Pei o Bobby Rydell

Thursday 27 April

Daniel Defoe o Sandy Dennis o Sheena Easton o Ace Frehley o Ulysses S. Grant o Casey Kasem o Coretta Scott King o Jack Klugman o Anita Loos o Bernard Malamud o Edward Habib McKuen o Douglas Sirk o Jules Stein o Gary Wright

Friday 28 April

Jessica Alba o Robert Anderson o Alexandra Ball o Lionel Barrymore o Penelope Cruz o Blossom Dearie o Nancy Lee Grahn o Saddam Hussein o Carolyn Jones o Yves Klein o Harper Lee o Jay Leno o Ann-Margret o James Monroe o Antonio Salazar o Marcia Strassman o Jeoffrey Tate o Sidney Toler

Saturday 29 April

Andre Agassi o Linda Becker o Richard Carlson o Beth Anne Cox o Daniel Day-Lewis o Lonnie Donnegan o Nora Dunn o Dale Earnhardt o Duke Ellington o Tom Ewell o William Randolph Hearst o Emperor Hirohito o Celeste Holm o Tommy James o Preston B. Lawling o Master P o Rod McKuen o Zubin Mehta o Donald Mills (Mills Bros.) o Kate Mulgrew o Tommy Noonan o Jo O'Meara o Bill Paxton o Michelle Pfeiffer o Eve Plumb o Tino Rossi o Jerry Seinfeld o April Stevens o Uma Thurman o Carnie Wilson o Fred Zinneman

Sunday 30 April

Eve Arden o Corinne Calvet o Jill Clayburgh o Gary Collins o Jacques Louis David o Faith Anunciacion o Studtmann Dehmer o Kirsten Dunst o Mini Farina o Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden o Carolyn Dawn Johnson o Perry King o Cloris Leachman o Franz Lehar o H. M. Queen Juliana o Willie Nelson o Robert Shaw o Isiah Thomas o Jeff Timmons o Alice B. Toklas o Burt Young o Bobby Vee

Rod's random thoughts
The advantage of getting older is that one usually manages to out live his enemies.

Let none who come to know you say, you didn't try.

Be thankful for the small things in life, they always make the difference.


What is forbidden is nearly always
bidden and whether it stops by or
not is almost never up to you. So
it is with reason. Reason does
not pause to ferret out what is
fair. I will stop, pause a while here,
wherever here is, figure out the
cost of transportation, fare, if any,
when the ride or rest is finished.

We think too much of consequence
and conscience when convenience
Ought to be the prize, pinnacle, The
Paramount Mountain Peak. Sleep
now my lovelies, rest your heads.
You will find the perfect pillow or
you will not. Close eyes and ears
and you can weather whatever.
Defend your dreams, they are the
ones defiant and dependable and
always, always on your side.

- First Publication Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.


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