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All-Time Rod McKuen Favorites

The following are the results of a poll conducted among readers of this web site during March, 2004.


1. Goodbye
2. A Cat Named Sloopy
3. Stanyan Street
4. I Always Knew
5. The Art Of Catching Trains
6. Pushing The Clouds Away
7. Another Monday, Two Months Later
8. Age Is Better
9. My Friend The Sea
10. One (from Listen to the Warm)


1. I'll Catch The Sun
2. Bend Down And Touch Me
3. The World I Used To Know
4. Jean
5. Seasons In The Sun
6. The Ivy That Clings To The Wall
7. Love's Been Good To Me
8. If You Go Away
9. I'm Not Afraid
10. I Think Of You


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