Q: Where can I buy your books, records and CD's?

A: At the moment your best bet would be eBay or Amazon.

Q: Is The Sea, Earth & Sky Trilogy available on CD?

A: Only "The Sea" and the version of it spoken in French, "La Mer," are currently available on CD.

Q: What about the other albums you did with Anita Kerr and The San Sebastian Strings such as "The Seasons," "With Love," "Bouquet," "For Lovers," etc.

A: At the moment there are no plans to release any of the other San Sebastian Strings albums on Compact Disc.

Q: Where can I find your biographical details?

A: Right here on this site. Follow this link to the Rod McKuen Biography.

Q: Are there any other Rod McKuen web sites?

A: There sure are - click here for a list.

Q: What movies have you appeared in?

A: "Wild Heritage", "Rock Pretty Baby," "Summer Love" and a featurette called "The Golden Record." All produced and released by Universal-International in the 1950's. Boy would I love to get my hands on a copy of this for my personal collection.

Q: When will you be appearing in concert again?

A: No definite bookings yet but getting back to live performances is one of my goals for the next year.

Q: Why have you kept such a low profile over the past few years and what have you been doing?

A: There's no short answer to this one - have a look at my interview with Ken Blackie - most of the answers will be found there. Follow this link - Rod's Interview

Q: Have you written anything new recently?

A: A number of new poems appear right here under the heading "Unpublished Poetry" and are taken from my forthcoming book "A Safe Place to Land". Scattered throughout the flight plans are occasional new poems and prose. I keep a diary & I write lots of things just for myself. I find it important to write SOMETHING every day.

Q: How do I find past flight plans?

A: All past Flight Plans are accessible by clicking Flight Plan Archives at the bottom of the Today's Flight Plan page.

Q: When will your new book "A Safe Place to Land" be available?

A: It's available now as is "Rusting in the Rain."

Q: Have you recorded any new material recently?

A: Nothing for general release with the exception of a couple of tracks on the recent re-issue of "Beatsville" which is available from Stanyan House at the above address. I try to spend at least one night a week in the studio recording a variety of material for upcoming albums. I'm never happy working on one project at a time.

Q. I write poetry, how do I go about getting it published?

A, There is a pretty detailed answer to this question in my first series of Ask Rod Q&A's. You can access it by clicking here - Rod's June Replies

Q: If I send you some of my poetry will you read it?

A: My apologies, but no. I get so many manuscripts through the mail that I've had to make it a hard & fast rule not to read any of them, I've even carried that to the extremes of not reading poetry written by friends.

Q: Are you married?

A: I have no legal certificate that says I am, but, let's just say I'm committed.

Q: Where do you live?

A: Southern California.

Q: How can I write you?

A: Snail mail; Box G, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90213.

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