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 Sold Out At Carnegie Hall
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Overture A Cat Named Sloopy Gee It's Nice To Be Alone Kaleidoscope Ally Ally Oxen Free I've Been To Town If You Go Away Stanyan Street The Art Of Catching Trains Jean   To Watch The Trains The Importance Of The Rose The Port Of Amsterdam Champion Charlie Brown Love's Been Good To Me Merci Beacoup Kaleidoscope o Entre Act Joanna The Things Men Do The Ivy That Clings To The Wall Do It Yourself Protest Songs & The Protest Waltz Seasons In The Sun Trashy So Long, Stay Well Everybody's Rich But Us I'II Catch The Sun Bend Down And Touch Me People On Their Birthdays Closing Remarks & play-off.

Arranged by Arthur Greenslade, conducted by Peter Matz.

At the 1969 Birthday Concert at Carnegie Hall with Rock Hudson
& Jerry Kramer

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From the liner notes of
the original Warner Bros.
release :
"Rod McKuen is a romantic, an unabashed, totally committed, romantic and last night the California poet-minstrel attracted a full house of enthusiastically kindred spirits to a birthday concert at Carnegie Hall. His voice ranges from a smoky purr down to a strangulated whisper, yet it has undeniable warmth and a virile intimacy that seems to reach out and stroke the audience into willing submission."
Robert Sherman, The New York Times

"McKuen performs a pop miracle by marching to a different drummer."
Min S. Yee, Newsweek

"McKuen radiated an air of gentleness that seemed to stem from understanding that love makes the world go round. His songs and recited poems demonstrated intimate rapport with nature when he wove tales of inquisitive young men searching for true love and of his childhood days spent waving at passing trains."
Pine, Variety

"Rod McKuen, celebrating his birthday, gave a packed Carnegie Hall a present on Tuesday (29): a superior birthday concert of a wide range of the many-faceted entertainer. McKuen's hoarse voice cast its spell as he sang of loneliness and love... It was a memorable birthday concert."
Fred Kirby, Billboard

"An evening at Carnegie Hall doesn't get any better than this. What a night, What a show. What a performer ! "
Cotter, New York Daily News

"Now we know what this kid's all about. He's about excellence, in writing and performing."


This album is a documentary of Rod McKuen's birthday concert at Carnegie Hall, April 29, 1969. It may tell us why He is not only the best-selling and most influential poet-writer in America today, but a man whose singing and performing is so original that one might suspect him of stumbling out of another time.

The list of what Rod McKuen has done with his life is staggering:

Classical Composer
Writer of film scores and screenplays
Best-selling recording artist
Outspoken critic of anything he likes or dislikes
Composer & lyricist of nearly 1OOO songs
Cowboy, Etc.

But somehow, what Rod is doing with our lives is more important. He cares and sometimes he gets clobbered for it. Not on that Tuesday night in April. If you were there you know. Robert Sherman of the Times concluded his review by saying, "Mr. McKuen would be pleased to know that Odetta, the folk singer, had to spend much of the concert in the rear of the hall because, as she explained, 'I can't dance in my seat'"

Edward Habib, May 1969

Since this recording was first issued, a quarter of a century ago, Seasons In The Sun, Jean, If You Go Away, and Love's Been Good To Me have become major standards in American Popular music, his concerts are sell outs in every country he plays and Rod's 36 books of poetry and prose have sold in the millions.

For eleven years running Rod McKuen gave a yearly birthday concert in New York City, six at Carnegie Hall and five at Lincoln Center. This recording was made at his first Carnegie Hall concert given to celebrate his 36th birthday. It was recorded on 4 track tape, state-of the-art at the time. For this recording it has been digitally remastered from the original tapes.

EH, 8/94

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