home a safe place to land
 Home to the Sea
lp cover Music by Anita Kerr

Words by Rod McKuen

Passage Home There Are No Beaches In Magic City, Texas Dragonflies Sailing Through The Sun Another Evening With The Gypsies Nightwatch Bathtub Surfing Part Of Every Ocean Moonlight Swim November Resolution Floating Past The Fields Running Out Of Strangers One In The Same Home To The Sea.

Since I have been given the back cover of this album to do with as I please, I've decided not to fill it with advertisements for myself or an explanation of the album's contents. Instead, this might be an altogether proper place to say thanks . . . to the voice inside who speaks my words with gentle understanding and asks again to remain nameless, to Anita Kerr who has written such evocative music to compliment these words, and, above all, on behalf of Anita and myself, to those of you who buy and play the San Sebastian Strings albums.

One word of caution. This collection of material is not like anything Anita and I have done together before. True, we like to think of it as an extension of The Sea, but it is not Son of the Sea or a proper sequel to our first effort. It has little in common with The Sky and The Earth, and though we'll do other albums together, it is very unlikely that we will ever again record one quite like this. If you are thinking of buying it, I urge you to listen to it before doing so or to talk to someone who has - otherwise there are a good many other, more predictable records I could suggest for your collection . It is an unusual album, and even Anita and I are not quite sure why. The truth of the matter is, we planned on something quite different than what we wound up with.

Rod McKuen, November 1968

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