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 The Beautiful Strangers
lp cover Do You Know Me Maria? Alamo Junction Tamarack Tree Somerset Like Children Do Poem #26 Love, Let Me Not Hunger The Beautiful Strangers An Isle In the Water Only Love The House Upon The Hill Poem #27.

Arranged by Rod McKuen, strings arranged by Marty Paich.

I don't know how long it took to make this album, but years were involved, not months. Some of it was cut in Paris, some in San Francisco, and part of it was made in the basement of my house in California. The songs were recorded as I finished them and were never intended to be an album. Like so many other tapes I have Iying around the house, these songs were cut for my own amusement and sometimes to show other singers how 1, as author of them, felt the songs should be sung. Usually, the instrumentation was merely a guitar or rhythm section. Now Marty Paich has built a string choir around the basic tracks and we have an album.

These songs are personal. Some have never been heard by anyone, other than the musicians involved on the recording dates. None has been recorded by me before. They are presented here with love and I hope they will be received the same way.

Rod McKuen November 1967

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