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 rod books by Rod McKuen


And Autumn Came Pageant Press, 1954
Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows
Stanyan Music, 1966
Listen to the Warm
Random House, 1967
Lonesome Cities
Random House, 1968
And Autumn Came (Revised Edition)
Cheval Books, 1969
In Someone's Shadow
Cheval Books/Random House, 1969
Twelve Years of Christmas
Cheval Books/Random House, 1969
Caught in the Quiet
Stanyan Books, 1970
Fields of Wonder
Cheval Books/Random House, 1971
And to Each Season
Simon & Schuster, 1972
Moment to Moment
Cheval Books, 1972
Come to Me in Silence
Simon & Schuster, 1973
Moment to Moment (Rev. Edition)
Simon & Schuster, 1974
Beyond the Boardwalk
Cheval Books, 1975
Celebrations of the Heart
Simon & Schuster, 1975
The Sea Around Me . . .
Simon & Schuster, 1975
Coming Close to the Earth
Simon & Schuster, 1978
We Touch the Sky
Simon & Schuster, 1979
The Power Bright and Shining
Simon & Schuster, 1980
A Book of Days
Harper & Row, 1980
The Beautiful Strangers •
Simon & Schuster, 1981
Book of Days and a Month of Sundays
Harper & Row, 1981
The Sound of Solitude
Harper & Row, 1983
Suspension Bridge
Harper & Row, 1984
Harper & Row/Cheval Books, 1986
Harper & Row/Cheval Books, 1986                                                                                                                                                                 A Safe Place to Land Cheval Books, 2001
                                                                                                          Rusting in the Rain Cheval Books, 2004

collected lyrics from songs

The Songs of Rod McKuen Cheval Books, 1969
With Love
Stanyan Books, 1970
New Ballads
Stanyan Books, 1970
Stanyan Books, 1971
The Carols of Christmas
Cheval/Random House, 1971
Grand Tour
Stanyan Books, 1972


Finding My Father Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1976
An Outstretched Hand
Cheval Books/Harper & Row, 1980

original paperbacks

Seasons in the Sun Pocket Books, 1974
Pocket Books, 1975
Hand in Hand
Pocket Books, 1977
Finding My Father
Cheval Books/Berkeley Books, 1977
Love's Been Good to Me
Pocket Books, 1979
Looking for a Friend
Pocket Books, 1980
Too Many Midnight's
Pocket Books, 1881
Watch for the Wind
Pocket Books, 1983

trade paperbacks

Beyond the Boardwalk Cheval Books, 1976
Moment to Moment
Cheval Books, 1972

songbooks containing word & music

The Rod McKuen Songbook Keys, 1962
Sinatra Sings McKuen
Warner Bros., 1968
The Songs of Rod McKuen • Hansen, 1968
23 Rod McKuen Songs
Stanyan/Criterion, 1968
Vocal Selections from Joanna
20th Century Music, 1968
World of Rod McKuen
Random House, 1968
The Sea (with Anita Kerr)
Larry Shayne Music, 1969
A Man Alone
Cheval Books, 1969
Songs of Rod McKuen
Stanyan/Chappell, 1969
Sold Out At Carnegie Hall
Warner Bros. Music, 1969
New Ballads
Warner Bros. Music, 1970
New Carls For Christmas
Pointer, 1971
Music & Lyrics from "Scandalous John"
Disney Music, 1971
A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Pointer, 1971
Songs of Rod McKuen Vol 2
Stanyan/Chappell, 1975
Through European Windows
Stanyan/Chappell, 1975
17 Rod McKuen songs

other publications

Sea Cycle: 1969 n.p. Montcalm Productions
Rock Hudson/Rod McKuen: First Recordings (Photographs of
London sessions by David Nutter)
Limited Ed.. (2000), 1970
Frank Sinatra: A Man Alone
Limited Edition (500), 1969
Pictorial Calendars containing Poetry, Photographs, Sayings.

1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976
FOLIO: New McKuen Poetry, Vol.1-25
Animal Concern, 1974-79
FOLIO: New McKuen Poetry, Vol. 26-50
Animal Concern, 1980-85

international editions and translations

Listen to the Warm Michael Joseph -London, 1968
Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows
Michael Joseph -London, 1968
Poet & The Sea
Polski -Warsaw, 1969
Stanyan Street/Escuchad ternura
Plaza & Janes -Madrid, 1970
Liefde In Woorden
Gottmer -Amsterdam, 1971
In Someone's Shadow
Michael Joseph -London, 1971
Lonesome Cities
Michael Joseph -London, 1971
Twelve Years of Christmas
WH Allen -London, 1971
Caught in the Quiet
W. H. Allen -London, 1973
Come to Me in Silence
WH Allen -London, 1974
The Rod McKuen Omnibus
W. H. Allen -London, 1974
Moment to Moment
W. H. Allen -London, 1973
The Sea Around Me . . .
Elm Tree Books -London, 1977
Coming Close To the Earth
Elm Tree Books -London, 1978
We Touch the Sky
Elm Tree Books -London, 1979
Seasons in the Sun (Paperback)
W. H. Allen -London, 1974
Loves Been Good to Me
Lansdowne Press. -Sydney, 1980
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